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[pct-l] Milage

Hey Rob, 15 miles a day is a good distant which you could stay with the whole
trail. To Sly, I put a 15 dollar money order in each mail drop ( 19 of them)
to get a sugar fix, wash clothes and pig out at each trail town which worked
well. ( Of course that was in 77 so you may need a little more per order. To
Greg, so you don,t want to be in my little narrow minded jerk group? I would
challege you to a game of 1 on 1 on the court, but I would probablely have a
better chance of kicking a cub grizzly and getting away with it. Greg was the
only hiker on the PCT who was tall enough to just tie his food sacks on a
limb. ( no line needed) PS  Stefenson Warmlite tent are nice but I would have
sell my wife,s villager to afford one. Monte ( I,m a nice guy) Dodge
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