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Sawyer Extractor, Stephanson tent


Can you please explain what the Sawyer Extractor is and where to find it?

I recently made a two person one hoop tent (actually started as a
one-person, and when I crawled inside for the first time, I realized that I
had been my over-conservative self and put a few too many fudge factors
into it).  Considering that it was my first try and that I just kind of did
some guess work on the curved surfaces, it came out fairly well. It is made
out of the same 1.1 ounce silicon coated nylon that stephanson uses ( I
talked to him as well as Kurt Russell), and weights 1 and1/2 pounds -
exclusive of the single pole. Can't wait to build another tent? At any
rate, I am thinking about sqeegeeing the floor of the tent with silicon
caulk because it is so slippery.  Have you had trouble keeping yourself and
your sleeping bag from skating around in the tent when there is any kind of

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