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[pct-l] through-hiker permits; start dates; stevenson 3rs and 2x tents

i called the pcta office just now to ask about through-hiker permits.
they said that they needed:

1. name and address
2. starting point
3. starting date (within a few days)
4. ending point
5. approximate ending date
6. number of people in the party
7. if climbing mt. whitney, approximate date of climb
8. signature

the fellow at pcta said it would take about two weeks to issue the permit.

is this what most through-hiker's do, get this permit? 


i am tentatively planning to start april 15th and take the first two weeks
slow, like 15 miles a day.  this is a pace i found comfortable with a 40
pound pack, so i assume it will be easy with a 20-25 pound pack (16.5 dry,
plus food and water).  my thought is to take it easy at first to make sure
i get in top shape with low chance of injury.  also, since there is a lot
of snow up north, if i go through the south fast, i would want to
start later.  

does this make sense?


i'd like to put in a plug for margo chisholm's list of people planning to
through-hike the pct this year.  someone asked about possible partners:
you could look at this list and perhaps send mail to people leaving about
the time you want to leave.  the url is:


also, you can look at web pages of folks in this list to get more
information about other people's preparations.  mine is


if you have suggestions or corrections, please let me know.


i have both a stevenson's 3rs and a 2x.  the 3rs got heavier after i
sent it back to be recoated.  i think it is 5.6 pounds now.  i'll
check tonight.  it has stood up to howling high altitude winds, but
ripped apart as soon as tension was taken off the ends (we tried to
collapse it as quickly as we could, but the metal poles tore like
paper in a few seconds).  stevenson's repaired it for a small charge.
i've never had a stephenson's tent fail me while i was in it.  the 2x
is fragile, though.  i think the 2x is 2.6 lbs now.

my attitude towards equipment is that if i can abuse it and it doesn't
suffer, it is probably too heavy.  otoh, i wasn't abusing my 3rs when
it ripped, but i also didn't mind too much because i no longer needed
it that trip for protection.

i've had the tents for about 16 years and like them.  i may take the
2x on the pct, haven't decided yet.

i've never met jack stephenson or ray jardine.  but from reading their
stuff, i think they are kindred souls.  both into lightweight gear.
both with strong opinions.  both sound like they'd be difficult to be


thanks to brick (and others) for his great posts.


ps. i make no claims to be a big authority on backpacking -- heavy
     or light.  i've never done anything on the scale of through-hiking
     the pct.  i appreciate most of the advice i've gotten from people
     on this list.

pps. sorry about cc'ing the list on that reply to an individual earlier today
     -- i didn't mean to do that.

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