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Re: [pct-l] Re: Stephenson Tent

:3RS -- 4.5 pounds including lines stakes and stuff sack. 3# 2oz for the

Thanks for the info.

:I like freestanding too but I can't find one that does all the other stuff
:at this weight.

Exactly -- it just becomes a matter of which way you want to go... Weight,
as I recall from my kids' younger years, is especially important when you're
carrying stuff for one or more little ones -- my oldest daughter was about
10 months old when I took her on her first backpacking trip: she could walk,
I did carry her (perched on my shoulders between my head and the frame of my
Kelty) a lot of the time (and all our stuff). This trip was in the summer in
the Pine
Barrens in NJ -- flat, sandy, but outdoors -- it was really great to be out
in the woods with her.

:The fabric is at least as sturdy as in a standard tent -- possibly
:tougher. That's 300 days with a small kid along. I have a sturdy marriage


:If you can't support Clinton you are not a "Commie pinko" [old fashoned for
:ultra-liberal] you are a "narrow minded jerk from the past"  like Monte

Naw -- just a Republican who wouldn't want my daughter to intern in the
White House with him...  I think Monte would be astonished to have him and
me in the same category -- :-)  I wonder if Bill would advise Chelsea to
intern at the White House...

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