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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #711

Greg "Strider" Hummel said...

>So, Carl, how do you plan for the situation that I encountered?  That is,
>upon entering the Sierras the report was "no snow below 9,000 feet, patchy
>snow to 12,000 feet, and solid snow and ice above".  No need for snow shoes
>or heavy winter conditions or skipping around, right?  Then 6 days in (I
>stopped in the Southern Sierras for 3 days to plant trees for a contractor,
>so actually 3 days' walk into) the heavy storm hits like a ton of bricks.
>No way to plan, only hope you're prepared to sit it out!
>Greg "Strider" Hummel
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Hi Greg & pct-l

I agree, there is no way to plan for a storm such as you describe,
and what's more, thru hikers are unlikely to have access to 
comprehensive weather reports to help with planning.  
However, such multiday storms are unlikely after June 15.  I think 
our only disagreement is the degree to which we prepare for the 
unlikely.  To me, it seems unlikely that pct and jmt hikers are 
all going to start wearing plastic mountaineering boots and 
carrying 4 season tents on June, July and August hikes just to 
guard against the possibility of a freak storm.  

I certainly think that a regular, rectanglular tarp would be 
significantly less than ideal in *any* snow storm, due to the 
difficultly  in blocking the ends (unless the snow is deep 
enough to dig a sleeping trench into, or make walls for the
ends).  What would be nice is a conical tarp something like 
the BD megamid, except made of lighter material.  Megamids 
work great in snow, but are too heavy.


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