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Re: [pct-l] new to backpacking!

I'm a 5'2" woman and have been using the Dana Designs Terraplane for the past
couple of years.  It is soooo comfortable on me compared to a Lowe I had
borrowed previously.  If I were looking now, I'd see if Dana comes out with a
lighter weight pack.  I believe (from all I've been reading, my own experience
etc.) that the heavy-duty cordura fabric that is used in most backpacks is
overkill.  If you're not throwing the pack around on granite rocks, a
lighterweight fabric would be durable and, well, lighter.  I'm doing the CA
section of the PCT this spring- summer (just over a month away!!!) and will
most likely take my Dana, but if I were buying now, I'd look for a lighter
weight pack with the comfortable fit that Dana's seem to have for shorter
women.   Good luck!
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