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Re: [pct-l] Bic Stoves

Robert Bedichek wrote:
> personally, i found ray's book interesting.  like a number of people who
> have read the book, i have lowered my pack weight, but i don't go nearly
> as far as jardine himself does.  i'm sure jardine would say "that's great,
> glad you found my book useful".
> i'd like to thank folks on this list for some great advice.
>         rob bedichek

Rob - 
Just wanted to say I like your attitude.  I'm not a Jardinite, but his
book has helped us to lower our pack weights too (although they still
weigh too much).  OTOH - Wolf is one of our friends - he's hiked the PCT
at least 3 times with a pack that's lighter than Jardine's.  I
understand Jardine was some upset when he found out what Wolf's pack
weighed in at  :-)

I wouldn't touch the stove mess - everyone has their favorite - and it
seems everyone loves what they're carrying when they're thruhiking.  But
I've sure seen a lot of nonsense about it - here as well as other
places.  Nuff said.  

Hope you have a good hike this year - we'll be hiking about a thousand
miles east of you - on the CDT.  

Walk softly,
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