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[pct-l] Open-minded,humm

Hey Chrissy the Sissy, You are right about me not being open minded. I have a
big problem with thinking a bic stove is more reliable than a white gas model.
You have no problem hunting up white gas because most of these stoves burn
unleaded as well. Yes a bic stove does have some advantages like being a no-
brainer to operate, simmers well ,are lighter., but unless you are at 26,000
feet. ( like Chris Bonington in the last post) a straight butane will not
vapor at 32 degrees at sea level as I,ve stated before. It will work  at zero
at 20,000 feet.( which won,t help you much)  Canister stoves are the pinto
stationwagons of backpacking, they do the job, but might take awhile. You must
of really lucked out to have so few 20 degree mornings on your hike. I would
say I had around 1 month of freezing weather on my thu-hike during  a light
snow year when you count Northern Washington. You  can,t find some fuel
canister,s at each trail town, but you can always find unleaded. 12 oz,s is
light but 18 oz,s is stronger. If your stove is super light , you trade for
durablity. There are lots of  white gas stoves out there still cooking built
in the 70,s and earlier . But your  stove ,Chris , will be in a landfill in
ten years if not before. I have seen  for myself, three different  Bic stoves
die out at bad times ( 2 on PCT )   You may  have good luck with yours, but
more than one person will find out the hard way about their pitfalls. If any
dirt gets in the connection area, you are had. We live in a country where
everything is made for quick and easy use.  (  Butane/propane stoves fit than
bill )  Mass advertising also works ( as you are proof of ) Optimus spends few
if any dollars on advertising for their stoves in backpacker mag but still
sells tons of stoves each year world wide. ( Even to our elite forces ( navy
seals ) who can use any stove they want but choose Optimus .  Since you have
me all figured out, I also thought Clinton should have been sent packing and
vote repubician 75 % of the time.   Monte (the close minded thu-hiker from the
past who thinks canister stoves suck ) Dodge PS Hike your own hike and all
that other ,I,m ok your o.k stuff
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