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Re: [pct-l] Half bags

I built a half bag (or elephant foot) with down filling 30 years ago and
have used it every year since then.  It has had more use than all my other
bags put together.  Nevertheless,  it took me a long time to get
comfortable with(years), and there are periods where I prefer a full bag.
There are a lot of advantages, but I suggest that you try it out before
going on a long trip.

The main problem that couldn't get used to was what to do with my hands. It
is hard to sleep on your back with your hands out in the cold.  I ended up
sleeping almost all the time on my side.  Then I started putting my hands
under the opposite armpit, or clamped between my thighs.  This seems to
help, but I always missed having something to pull up over me.  It
permanently changed my sleeping postures.

I used my half bag with a down sweater in freezing temperatures, and it
worked okay as long as I had something on under the down sweater to elevate
the shoulder seams off the shoulder (a small down vest works well, a wool
scarf or socks would work too)

> From: Jeff Jones <jjonz@gte.net>
> To: PCT list <pct-l@backcountry.net>
> Subject: [pct-l] Half bags
> Date: Sunday, March 07, 1999 9:29 PM
> Howdy listers,
> This past year, I bought a North Face polarguard coat (I forget the name
> and it's not written on the coat) that has impressed me.  As I already
> have an ultralight down bag (a  Blue Kazoo), I'm thinking that I'd like
> to try to find a synthetic fill half bag to try out with this jacket.  I
> did a couple of late fall and early spring hike/climbs with a buddy that
> used one and it was handy having a warm coat to wear around camp (I sat
> in my sleeping bag or shivered).  I mostly use a bivy sac now instead of
> a tent.  For those that have problems with condesation in a bivy sac, I
> use a vapor barrier liner during cold weather.  I only pull it up to my
> chest as I like to have my hands free so this would work with the jacket
> too.   Thanx in advance.
>         Jeff Jones
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