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[pct-l] re: ultralite

tom reynolds wrote:

>>>   To me a Jardinite sacrafices comfort and risks injury to hike more
miles a day to get to a destination.   <<<

yes, but you can still go lightweight, and go slow! (ish)

we'll be thruhiking this year with light packs, under 20lbs each w/o food &
water, but that will still include a tent, an ultrlight 3/4 thermarest and
a thermalounger chair kit.  we'll still have fleece, camp clothes,
windpants, jackets, gloves etc.  so we'll be comfortable and fairly well

and we're taking 6 months.  not usually possible on a standard thruhike,
but with our weird flip flop it gives us time.

i like to hike lightweight for comfort, not speed.  i'm willing to
sacrifice some camp comforts, but found that i don't have to.  i like to
walk quickly, but that just gives me time to enjoy lunch for a couple hours
rather than a couple minutes, or take longer breaks at nice views.  and it
does help if i have to make the post office before it closes!

so not all ultralighters are in it for simply reaching the destination in a
shorter time...

ke kaahawe, AT92  TYT94  PCT99!
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