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Re: [pct-l] Bear-bagging

In a message dated 3/1/99 8:24:42 PM EST, kpherzog@cdsnet.net writes:

<< Does anyone know what the major cause of failure of bear-bagging might be?
 It occurs to me that if that's the case perhaps using a 50 foot piece of
 wire instead of parachute cord might improve the odds.  I am thinking of
 over a stout limb, but not counterbalancing. >>

The Yogi which hassled us near Glen Aulen in '97 climbed the tree and was in
the process of tearing chunks out of the stout limb on which we had
counterbalanced our food.  Wire cable would not have helped in this case.  We
saved our stash by investigating the noise.  The bear dropped out of the tree
before completing the job and sauntered off, looking back as if to say, "OK.
But I'll get you next time."  It was getting light so we packed up and hit the

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