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[pct-l] One for Jardinintes...

While it's obvious that the lighter your pack is, the easier your hike will
be, I think its important to realize that Ray Jardine and company have
enough cash coming out of the nose and ears to afford to be heliported off
the Trail and also stay in a hotel room at every resupply stop!  So what am
I trying to say?  If you can't afford to bail yourself out of serious
injury due to lack of preparation, or stay in the comforts of modern living
every three to ten days, then I find it practical and wise to carry those
extra five or ten pounds of gear to make your thru-hike a more pleasant and
secure experience.  Remember, it was only 20 years ago that ultralight gear
was a daydream of the future.  And people still managed to thru-hike the
PCT.  I count myself lucky for the enabling qualities of a three pound
tent, polar fleece instead of wool, lightweight boots that still give ankle
support, titanium and aluminum.... ultralight stoves.... urethane-coated
parachute nylon...need I say more?  Jardine has my respect, but like any
revolutionary, this philopsophy won't work for everyone in the real world. 
This has been said before, but I'll say it again... be careful out there,
weight isn't everything. Granted, the Jardinites will probably kick my a**
in miles hiked each day....maybe someday I'll try paring down to bare
nothing, but only after I feel I've got enough EXPERIENCE behind me to pull
it off.  
	Anyhow, one thing the List has helped me realize, is there are as many
ways to prepare, supply, and hike the PCT as there are kinds of people
doing it, and I think that's pretty awesome.... I know it will be good for
me to meet such a variety of folks, because, regardless of style,
experience, or philosophy, it's pretty amazing that we're all on the same
trail for ...similar... reasons, and can maybe learn a little from one
	See y'all in sunny S. California - can't wait to get out of this rainy
NW!!!   Shoshanna Coyote-Rains

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