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RE: [pct-l] Stove Test

At 02:51 PM 3/3/99 -0800, reynolds@ilan.com wrote:

>I have, long ago, relagated the MSR and all liquid fuel stoves, to the the
>category of the "Sierra Cup" -- very cool technology sometime in the past but
>time has passed them by.
>Except that everything is not equal . . .

May I commend to you the Ancient and Venerable SVEA 123?

Yes, it does weigh a bit, about 18 0z.

But its so simple,even primitive, that nothing goes wrong with it, hence its 
VERY reliable and

it burns regular unleaded gasoline with no fuss and

I like its funky brass retro look AND

the blessed little thing actually SIMMERS!

When I did the AT [1996], I saw a fair number of hikers having occasional
or chronic problems with their MSR's [there were LOTS of MSR's] and it
seemed to me that they tend to use more fuel, perhaps because of their
greater heat output, sort of like an over powered car, and because they
didn't throttle down well.  So the weight difference tends to disappear.
The weight of the stove  
includes an aluminum cup [12 0z. capacity], a wind screen and it also has a
built in fuel tank that holds about 3 to 4 oz. of fuel, enough for short
trips with no additional fuel bottle.  No pressure pump, doesn't need it,
one less thing to break.  See Colin Fletcher, The Complete Walker III for
care and feeding.

This summer I'll use a home brew alcohol stove to through-hike the FLT.  If
I don't like it, I'll shine up my old Svea [love that brass] and head for the 
PCT next year.

I can hardly wait,


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