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RE: [pct-l] Stove Test

Everything else being equal my MSR Wisperlight was 100 times more trouble than
any butane stove I have used [and I have used many]. Comparing the MSR
Wisperlight to the MSR Firefly [butane] I found that the Wisperlight constantly
clogged and needed cleaning even when I use new, filtered, fuel. I found priming
a hassel and potentially dangerous in a tent and I found keeping an even flame
required constant fiddling with the pressure. I am not saying that practice
won't overcome many of these problems but the butans stove lights every time,
never explodes on lighting and is easily adjustable for simmering. The only
problem I have had with butane is an occasional sticky valve on the can [not the
stove] that is usually the result of an old can. This problem is easily solved
by not disconnecting the stove from the can. Both stoves, Wisperlight and
Firefly have an excellent toolkit and are field maintainable. I just never had
to do it with the butane stove.

I have, long ago, relagated the MSR and all liquid fuel stoves, to the the
category of the "Sierra Cup" -- very cool technology sometime in the past but
time has passed them by.

Except that everything is not equal . . .
1. I can't get butane canisters everywhere. Frankly, neither can I get coleman
fuel but I have a better possibility. The MSR XGR multifuel runs on gasoline but
clogs even easier unless the gasoline is carefully filtered. However, there are
some myths associated with fuel: You can't ship coleman fuel at all via the post
office. The fuel is not necessarly cheaper because you wind up throwing so much
away and the liquid fuel is NOT lighter. In fact it is heavier {I have done this
calculation many times]
2. Butane stoves don't work well in cold weather This is true and the issue is
"How cold is cold?" I don't know but at least some people on the list say the
PCT is not cold enough. "Butane works"
3. Butane is not environmentally friendly. This is true but the fumes involved
in handling coleman fueal and/or gasoline aren't environmentally friendly.

I suspect that the stove vs stove issue is a theological one and won't be solved
here but I do plan to run Monte's test. Put the stove in the freezer for two
hours, then time how long it takes to warm up and light.

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