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RE: [pct-l] Homemade Bear Canister

In the case of packs, sleeping bags, etc, you are making something that is being
made by hand. In this case, careful attention to detail and a slightly better
design can create a better product. The Stephenson tent is an example of this.
And, if you don't count your own labor, the product is cheaper.

The plastic bear canister, however, has evolved way beyond being hand made. That
process-- non hand made -- has shaved 1 1/2 pounds of the product. Build this
thing out of plastic pipe and you get a 4 pound bear canister. If it's worth it
to someone to save maybe $30 bucks and gain 1 1/2 pounds in the pack I'd be

On the other hand, the metal bear canister is hand made. You could emulate this
device. The product is basically an aluminum sheet rolled on some reinforcing

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