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Re: [pct-l] pct questions...???

Some answers to those pct questions.
As for backpacks for thru-hiking, I've seen folks use both external
and internal frame backpacks. I have an old kelty tioga I used on 
my pct hike which worked great. I also have a couple of internal 
packs a old lowe and a  kelty which I use for all my backpacking
and cross-country ski trips. I think the the most important factors
for backpacks are comfort and weight.
Forget the bear resistant food containers and just use some 
common sense keep your camp site clean and don't break out
the canned sardines, also think about making camp above tree 
line that seems to work for me, and I get to see a sunset and
As far as money hikers spend on a thru-hike there are just to
many variables I wouldn't even try to answer that one.
Credit cards are a good choice, just about all places accept them
Another good choice is travelers checks  I used them and there
accepted just like cash. I would leave the check book at home.
Electronic notebook, I don't think that would work for me, I used
an old fashion notebook (most likely heavier then the electronic
one). But theres nothing more enjoyable for me then to get that 
old journal out with my own handwriting and reading it again.
It brings to mind all the great times I've had hiking the pct.
Cellular phones, I can't even get one to work at my home in the 
mountains of Pennsylvania.
Any thru-hike at, pct or any other, you will meet many  hikers
All the thru-hikers I met on the pct, I enjoyed there company, had 
a great time hiking with them, and some I've become good friends

have a great new year
Jeff Zimmerman       
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