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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #636

Hiker in last letter asking about packs. He wanted to know about Keltys and a
few Internals. I compare Externals to Internals like canoes to kayaks. Keltys
are the Volvo,s of the backpack world, last forever,good value for the buck,
easy to load , piece of cake to trade out shoulder pads or hipbelts and like
canoes, just dump every thing in and take off. (like a canoe) I also have a
Lowe Exp. pack for shoeing and climbing and like a kayak, they are nimble,
sleek, easy in the rough stuff, but need more attention to load properly, cost
1and a half to 2 times more and usually weight about the same as External. I
like the  airie feel of External ( Kelty has been on more thu-hiker backs than
anybody else)  bottom line is ,Are you a Canoe type person or a Kayak type
person) Merry  Chistmas from Washinton State
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