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RE: [pct-l] pct questions...???

Cant answer all your questions, but here is some comments.

North Face. In my opinion good products. I've got an old pack
(Snowleopard 2) that I didn't even consider using on my thruhike because
it's too heavy. I've noticed two models (Thin Air/Jetstream I think)
that's really light and about the right size. Seen them in a store, but
haven't tried them. Generally TNF make expensive products, but packs
seem to be the exception (but they are not by any means inexpensive).

Osprey make heavy packs.

Kelt. Don't know much. Might be an option if you're looking for an
external frame.

Generally: I wouldn't consider any pack weighing more than 4 pounds (and
I'm not one of the ultralight people) .

Bear resistant food containers. Never seen any thruhiker with them. Saw
only 2 bears on the whole trip and (like everyone else) kept my food in
the tent (except for 4-5 nights).

Money: Visa card + some cash worked fine for me.

PC: Carried a Palmtop PC on the PCT (and the AT). Used a HP 200LX Ms-dos
based (No Windows) computer. This is an old model, but still available.
Advantages: Light (less than a pound) and 40 hours battery life on two
AA batteries. Disadvantages: No Windows. Could possibly be used for
e-mail, but browsing would be difficult. There's a lot info on the net
about this. The other options would be a CE based model or a real
notebook computer. These would offer www browsing, better screens etc.
but are heavier and (with a few exceptions) don't run on AA batteries
(and have much shorter battery life). If you just want to look up info
something like a Palmpilot might work.

Cellphone: Certainly would be nice. Mine doesn't work in the US, so I've
never tried. The BIG problem on a thruhike would be recharging.

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