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[pct-l] Missing out on referances

 Hello to all again,

 For those who don't know, I'm new to this list. I'm here cuz I want
to do the PCT from Tahoe to as close to Vancouver,BC as I can get this
comming spring/summer.

So here's why I'm writing:
 Well, I'm reading referances to alt.routes and scenic vistas and
towns and..well, I don't have a clue as to where these are. Why? Cuz
I've been waiting weeks for a local book store to get in a copy of the
2 part PCT guidebooks and don't have any maps to look at. (The books
come with maps right? Did I misread that somewhere?) And I can't get
them from the PCT online store cuz I don't own a credit card.
 So the idea dawned on me to ask the list..
Is there anyone out there, who has a copies of these books (and maps
if they're not with the books) and any relevant literature that would
help me plan and figgure my route, who'de be willing to let go of
theirs for a decent sum?
 And if the books don't come with good maps, where can I find them?
Can they be ordered from a local map store?
 And if anyone wants to venture some suggestions..
 What would be good literature to get besides the PCTbooks, Jardine's,
and Maps?
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