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Re: [pct-l] Craig Giffen's PCT Trip Planner

In a message dated 12/27/98 1:40:20 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
goforth@cio.net writes:

<< I was using Craig Giffens PCT Trip Planner.  You can get an idea of where
 you will be when by changing start dates (and stop dates if you are
 planning a short sojourn off the trail), and you can factor in speed,
 number of hours hiking per day, and how fast you want to gain altitude, and
 which resupplies places you intend to use.  I was finding it extremely
 helpful.  But I can't seem to find it again. >>
<A HREF="http://www.newestindustry.com/pct/pctplan/pctprogram.html">Craig's
Pacific Crest Trail Planner</A> 

I also have found this site very usefull and have plotted several different
courses, adjusting town stops, hiking speed etc.  

I'm curious though I see a time adjustment for elevation gain and I see that
the default is on an extra 45 minutes per 1000 feet.  I've adjusted it for 30
minutes extra per 1000 feet, but having never done any of the PCT, is this

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