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Re: [pct-l] tents

Hi Rebecca --  You've no doubt heard more than you wanted to know about tents
by now, but I thought I'd add my bit.  I've looked seriously at the REI
Sololite.  They also make a two-person version that's pretty lightweight and
not too pricey.  I've decided to forgo the tent entirely for my planned '99
hike north from Donner Pass to Canada.  Will use a tarp/poncho and augment
that with a bivy when necessary.  

A tent was a real blessing in the Sierra in '97 to get away from the
mosquitoes.  However, there's no way I would consider a 4-season tent for a
PCT hike.  Too heavy by far, and not needed.  I'm a little behind reading my
mail so will no doubt catch others' opinions on the subject.  There are many
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