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Re: [pct-l] fwd: Pacific Crest Trail 1999

Re: Rookie
1. If you start at Cajon Pass you will miss two lovely Southern California
wilderness areas that are largely unspoiled by civizilation or pollution.
You run the risk of homeless people anywhere south of Kennedy Meadows. The
first few miles north from Mexico are somewhat more dangerous because of
drug snugglers.

2. This looks to be a light snow year. This is a predicted rebound to lasts
year El Nino weather. There is likely to be less snow on July 4th this year
than there was Labor day last year.

The San Gabriels are doing just fine, thank you. Although scarred by water
right battles and trashed by all the people the left leaning liberals want
to give FREE access to, they have recovered somewhat --the charge of a
whopping $40 a year to park in the San Gabriels has reduced the wet
daipers, beer cans and candy wrappers dramatically.  Take your time and
enjoy Southern California --{It is only my ultra-right wing, non poetic,
pratical self that points this out}

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