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RE: [pct-l] Fabrics....

A good source for material - the same one used by Ray - is the Rain
Shed. Located in Corvallis, OR, it does most of it's business mail
order. For a catalog call (541)753-8900.

I've purchased lots of stuff from them over the last 20 years.


		Greetings to all this holiday weekend!

		We are having the hardest time finding the 1.9 oz coated
nylon and 330 denier
		coated Cordura we need to construct the final
Jardine-style pack we want to use
		this summer.  None of the stores in the area (Lehigh
Valley, PA)  seem to know
		or care where we can find it.  If anyone knows of a
store in or near this area
		that may have these fabrics available, we would be
thrilled!  I am working on
		using the resources in Jardine's book, but I wanted to
finish this project over
		winter break if possible.   Hope everyone's holiday
season is merry and bright.

		On the road less traveled,
		   Team "On Fire"

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