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Re: [pct-l] Introduction

Slyinmd@aol.com wrote:
> Planning, logistics, mail drops (do I really have to go through that, again?)
> can be a drag,  but I'm actually looking forward to the heat, cold, blisters,
> muscle aches, pain, hunger, thirst, wind, rain, snow, ice, crawling insects,
> mosquitoes, snakes, mice, bears, lightening, no, not lightening!  Afterall,
> it's all worth it, ......
> ..... it's these winter months waiting, that are the toughest to deal with.

You speak for me too, Sly.  After waiting for three years, this last six
months shouldn't be too bad, but it seems like time has slowed down,
instead of speeding up.  Hardest is going to be in the spring, watching
friends sign off one by one to hike the AT, CDT and the PCT, while we
still have to wait.  On the other hand, at least we can say to
ourselves, "This year we ARE going!"  We have so much to do, but I would
hurry time if I could, even knowing what a madhouse this will be those
last few weeks as we finish packing maildrops, putting things in
storage, and arranging the thousand and one details that go with a
thruhike.  Waiting is hard - but it is finite. In 4 or 5 months, we'll
be hiking, and probably wishing that we had had a little more time to
get ready - at least physically.
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