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Re: [pct-l] Howdy from Tex-ass

Hi - you wrote:

>My intrest is in getting from Tahoe to Vancouver
>in the best possible season.
> When is that, BTW?
> I'm going to invest in the 2 part PCT Guidebook and some other one
>(Jardine's?), and prepare around Austin using any new techs from these.
> So I'm on this list to get a feel from those who've done North Cal to
>Canada's border; pointers about that terrain and the best equipment
>people have used.

I hiked most of Donner Pass to Canada this year, which is essentially 
the section you're talking about. Best time period to do it depends on 
the pace you want. If you want to combine minimal snow without having to 
hike very fast, and it's not a huge snow year, you're best bet would be 
to start around July 1, and finish around 9-25ish. Craig's PCT planning 
program would help with that part. Tahoe is north of the tougher, higher 
Sierra, so the terrain is really fairly mellow most of the way north; 
easiest in Oregon, and harder in the last few weeks before Canada. Fresh 
snow is possible any time in Sept, but usually not a problem until the 
very end of the month or early Oct. An ice axe will not likely be needed 
in that section. Perhaps a better source of info than Jardine's book (or 
in addition to it) is Lynn Weldon's How to Hike the PCT video. You hear 
several perspectives rather than a whole book of just one. Te trend 
these days is to go very light-weight as far as gear, but it's very much 
a trial and error process, often requiring a person to completely 
reconsider their definition of comfort, and the difference between a 
need and a want. Resupply in that section is pretty simple. Most 
locations are either close to the trail or easy to get to if they're 

That's all a bit basic, but hope it helps.


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