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[pct-l] Howdy from Tex-ass

 Hello to all the PCT-l crew,

 My name's Theta Landers. I'm a 27 y.o. guy from Austin, TX. I just
got subbed on on Xmas. What a present! 
 Well I guess to begin I should say a little about why I'm here. So
here goes..
  I'm an amature, I admit, as I've only done a few short hikes around
Texas (around Austin) and don't have any old pro miles under my belt.
But the thing is, I'm not wanting to hike the length of the PCT from
Campo all the way up. My intrest is in getting from Tahoe to Vancouver
in the best possible season.
 When is that, BTW?
 I'm going to invest in the 2 part PCT Guidebook and some other one
(Jardine's?), and prepare around Austin using any new techs from these.
 So I'm on this list to get a feel from those who've done North Cal to
Canada's border; pointers about that terrain and the best equipment
people have used.

 So Merry Yule and have a happy winter solstice.
I look foreward to coresponding with all you die hard hikers.
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