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Re: [pct-l] Tents

> but then Ray Jardine would find me a big
> disappointment.

 That's okay.  Ray is an anomaly.  Most people would want more than 6oz of food
every night too.

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Hi all,

I also am a fan of the Sierra Designs clip flashlight.  I used to own the
older sleeve model and if I could remember to whom I lent it, I'd still be
using that tent :-)

But they do have their limitations.  Last winter I was snow camping in the
Sierra during one of the El Nino storms.  We got about 3 feet of snow
overnight in somewhat windy conditions.  One of my fellow campers was
testing a clip flashlight, knowing that there was room in other tents if his
didn't hold up.

I'd guess that he could have made it work, but he chose to move during the
night.  In the morning, only the peak was still above the snow.  The
foot-end arch had collapsed and the walls were concave due to snow loading.
There was only half the original space left in the tent.  Getting out of the
tent without letting an avalanch of snow in would have been difficult.

But even a four-season tent can collapse if enough snow piles up.  Sometimes
you just have to get up and shovel it off.

It's a good little tent for the money.
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