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Re: [pct-l] Tents

My belief is that the Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight is the best reasonably
priced tent that I know of [This Wanderlust Nomad lite looks good but until
I check it out I can't say how good].

 I think space is a matter of expectation. Some people can fit three (3)
people in a Stephenson 2R while I only want two (2) in a 3R [three person

Safety in a storm is another consideration colored by personal view. I
started hiking with my wife and four (4) year old son. Walking out wasn't
an option back then. We stayed put if it rained. Frankly, along the PCT the
weather is usually pretty good during hiking season [June-August]. In
April-May, when many thru hikers are traversing the Southern mountains and
the Sierra it can get nasty. I personally would want a four season bomb
shelter in April-May but then Ray Jardine would find me a big

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