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Re: [pct-l] Town stops

On 12/23/98 07:54:19 you wrote:
>We're making our list of town stops and trying to decide between Idylwild
>and Cabazon. 

>Annie and the Salesman

Hi Annie & the Salesman!

We didn't go to Cabazon, I hear it is a nice place, but don't miss Idylwild!  
It is a wonderful town, sort of like a little Switzerland.  The campground 
is at the fartherest end of the town and you might want to pass the "Devil's 
Staircase" down and exit at the next trailhead.  I know you have a lot 
further to go after that climb up, but keep going.  I can't say there was 
much in town for backpacking gear supplies, just a store at the other end of 
town.  The food is great (don't miss the pie shop and breakfast at the 
cafe), there is a laundromat, grocery stores, drug store, many touristy type 
shops and lots and lots of charm!  

In '97 we rented a cabin and were  not sorry to have spent the extra moneyd  
-- cheaper if two couples go together and lots of room plus a kitchen right 
in the heart of town!  After the holidays I will get out s ome of our 
itinerary information and post it.

A word of advice for *****MT. LAGUNA -- the lodge and store DO NOT take 
plastic!!!!  Make sure you have traveler's checks or cash. I would also like 
to stress that at this point a night spent here will help you gather 
strength and give you a much needed breather -- even though it is your first 
stop, take advantage of it and use it to get your strength for the endless 
canyons up ahead,  you'll need it!  It will probably be here that you will 
meet the group of hikers you will see for the next 5-6 months.  Take time to 
get to know each other and take pictures, in Manning they will look much 
different! This group will probably be your hiking family to Manning Park 
and you may be like Walt and me, we still keep in touch with several '97 
hikers we met at Mt. Laguna and hiked with on and off during the summer.

See you out there in 5 months!

The Happy Trails Couple  --Pat  

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