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[pct-l] Wanderlust Tent

I checked out the Wanderlust Tent on the web site. It is, indeed, an
interesting design. I ordered one and will test it and post my findings.
Any LA hikers interested in being part of the test?
Some initial impressions:

1. It is a cross between a tarp and a tent. I would not want to ride out a
serious storm in one but then I wouldn't want to ride out a storm in most
three season tents either

2. It is single wall. I have long argued that the double wall Stephenson
saves weight [although the double wall tent isa pound heavier than the
single wall version {2.5 vs 3.5}]. My intention is to actually check this
3. It is reasonably priced. $500 is too much for many people to spend.

4. It is light!

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