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Re: [pct-l] Tents

<<re: hard to set up Sierra Designs tents>>
I am familiar with the Sierra Designs tents. They are not hard to set up.
The Clip Flashlight is probably the best reasonably price 1/2 man tent
{there are many lookalikes that are just as good}. If you can only spend
$200 os so get one [best price: Sierra Trading Post [mail order] if they
have them.

However, the Clip Flashlight will fit two [2] snugly but not gear. My style
is to bring all my gear into the tent at night to avoid a nosey bear
damaging it. [I leave all food out of the tent] Also, I think that the Clip
Flashlight is too small to ride out a serious storm. Most people would get
stir crasey and try to walk out. The Clip Flashlight is three season, not
four season. I would not trust a 3 season tent in the weather I saw last
year in August [in the Ca Sierra], much less a Sierra Thruhike in May-June.

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