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Re: [pct-l] tents

Rebecca asked about tents,
>I've decided to get a tent for my 99 thruhike. I may well
>use a tarp for some of the trip but I know that I want to
>have a tent for certain sections. Now ... I have no clue where
>to begin with my tent search. If you were going to take a tent,
>and you could choose any tent you liked, what would it be?

I would certainly check out the Nomad Lite by Wanderlust Outdoor Gear
http://wanderlustgear.com where Kurt offers his design to rival anything out
on the market.  I have talked to Kurt and investigated his tent.  Having
been searching for a good bivy, I am considering the Nomad Lite for my next
long hike.  Lightweight, good ventilation, fast setup, and roomy.

John Vonhof
author: FIXING YOUR FEET: Preventive Maintenance and Treatments for Foot
Problems of Runners, Hikers, and Adventure Racers
web site: http://www.footworkpub.com/feet/index.htm (check out the book

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