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Re: [pct-l] tents

My experience with tents is buy the best you can afford.  I have had $150 tents
fail in blowing rain on the coast of California.  The tents were 4 years old
and the rain came through the rain fly and you could see it in a mist within
the tent.  The brand was Quest Cornice 2.  The good thing to come out of it is
that my Northface Snowshoe sleeping bag with PolarGuard HV worked! I was
sleeping in water and kept warm.  When I got home I hung it up to dry and 2.5
cups of water drained out.  The lesson is to buy your tent, set it up and hit
it with the garden hose.

Owen K

Rebecca Williams wrote:

> I hope everyone is having a fantastic Holiday season.
> I've decided to get a tent for my 99 thruhike. I may well
> use a tarp for some of the trip but I know that I want to
> have a tent for certain sections. Now ... I have no clue where
> to begin with my tent search. If you were going to take a tent,
> and you could choose any tent you liked, what would it be?
> I am planning on going solo, but with the hope of meeting up w/
> someone to be my partner. ... I've considered the REI sololight b'c
> I've heard good things from people about it.
> Please email me & tell me all the good / bad you know about all the
> tents you know about.
> I've wondered about taking the smallest 2 man, 4 season tent I can find
> because I've been doing some winter hiking & would love to buy one tent
> to fit both needs. And a very small 2 man tent would allow a friend to
> hike/camp with me if they join me. ... or I could still share it with a
> partner if find a partner to hike with. (I know that that's not lightweight
> though.
> Thanks,
> Rebecca
> rebecca_pct@usa.net
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