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[pct-l] Re:Poles

William Stenzel wrote:
: Later in the hike, I picked up some hiking poles. These did wonders for
:the hike and became my favorite item of gear. It also made my arms
:really strong and improved my posture immensely.

I like poles (or pole) too. Actually have found that using poles keeps my
upper back muscles from complaining -- usually, I use a single pole, so if
I'm having muscle aches on, say, the upper right part of my back, I put the
pole in my *right* hand and really work it hard (put a lot of weight on the
pole). Somehow the using those muscles in a different way perks 'em up and
they stop hurting!

I agree with William that poles can help strengthen arms (or, at least,
maintain strength) and help with posture.

Albuquerque, NM, USA

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