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[pct-l] stove stuff

Has anyone used a Esbit stove on a thru-hike.  This seems like a great,
lightweight way to go.  The tabs are expensive retail, but someone on another
list is ordering bulk and is willing to be the front guy.  The normal retail
price is $72 for a case of 144, buy ordering bulk this price is reduce to $36
a case plus $8 shipping.  No split cases.  The stove itself is only $10 which
I believe has some tabs included.  I would think two cases would be more than
adequate for a thru-hike and could be mailed in your regular food boxes.

I'm trying to narrow down my food boxes to shop locally, so this may not be a
viable alternative, but would appreciate any input

If anyone else on this list would like to purchase the Esbit fuel tabs, let me
know and I'll direct you to the sources.  He'll be putting in the order
January 5th but can give the necessary numbers on a four case lot minimum.

Right now I plan on taking my MSR Internationale using white gas, and car fuel
where necessary.  I also only have an 11 ounce fuel bottle, which was fine on
the AT but not sure if that will be big enough on the PCT due to resupply
distances, which I haven't totally figured out yet.  I'm still waiting on my
guide books which hopefully are in the mail by now.  Are these a good resource
for food, fuel, accommodations, etc.

Thanks,  Sly

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