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[pct-l] Stabler Store

Larry and everyone else,

Here's the address and phone for the Stabler Store:

Stabler Country Store
22 Hemlock Y Rd.
Carson, WA  98610
Hours are 9am to 7pm daily
phone: (509) 427-2717

There were new owners of the store by the time we arrived at the Stabler
Store. They seemed to be receptive to continue receiving packages, you
should call to confirm the service and the store hours. They seem happy to
do this without charging a holding fee. The store has basic junk food and
snacks. It has a few groceries to supplement your box. They have a picnic
table outside where we were able to spread out our junk and enjoy some cold
micro-brews. I'll admit we were hiking under the influence when we left there.

If you look on map section H5 in the Oregon/Wash. section of the PCT guide
book, you'll see where the Wind River Road crosses the PCT. Less than 1
mile south is the so-called town of Stabler, the store is on the west side
of the road, just beyond the bridge over Wind River.

Stabler Store is a good place to send a resupply package, although you
won't be able to send anything out from there. Since they're open every
day, you don't have to worry about hitting it on the week-end. My
suggestion is to just buy food in town at Cascade Locks for the 32 mile
stretch to Stabler Store. This helps cut down the distance to your next
resupply at White Pass. There's a large store near Bridge of the Gods and a
pizza/brew-pub, you'll be happy to be able to shop for a change. Some
people do a road walk from Bridge of the Gods up the highway which cuts
close to 20 miles off the trip, I think the guide book sort of recommends
this route. I took the trail, it was fine. I don't know why the guide book
even suggests a road walk as an alternative. There are lots of places to
take shortcuts and road walk on the PCT besides this one.

If you want details about what is available at any of the other resupply
points let me know, I'm happy to help.

Mark Dixon

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