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Re: [pct-l] Gore-Tex vs. Nylon Shell

At 8:47 AM -0700 12/17/98, lpmcduff@juno.com wrote:
>On the Colorado Trail last year we went to nylon shells with hoods.  Even
>though it rained almost every day with some very cold rain, the nylon
>shells worked great as long as we were moving and dried quickly after the
>rain stopped.  We used them often in windy and cool conditions when it
>wasn't raining.  We never wished for our Gore-Tex.
>Annie and the Salesman.

THAT is **very very** surprising-- anytime I use a nylon shell I regret
it-- it does not breath, I am clammy and sticky and you realy can't
tell the difference in a rain even if you are wearing it or not when hiking
hard or climbing I am so wet!!

Maybe it is the ambient humidity is lower out by you than here in the
Sierras..but I loath it evrytime I wind up with my nyon instead of
my gortex (usually cause it's a "nice" day and I leave parkas in the
car and somehow end up with the nylon coat- maybe becasue it
does weigh less- it is in my emergency kit-- the only good use for
it seems to be a static situation- ie to cover non-ambulatory wounded
or injured.


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