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Re: [pct-l] Weight lose on a thruhiike

My experience on the PCT this past Summer was this.  I did no try to gain or
loss weight before the trip.  I just exercised more attempting to get my leg
muscles in shape.  I started out the trip at 148 lbs.  By the time I got to
Wrightwood I had lost eight lbs. and was begining to worry abot what would
happen over the rst of the trip.  I didn't weigh myself again until Willamette
Pass in Oregon, where I was 135 lbs.  I was that same weight in Northern
Washington.  Within my first month back I gain back the 15 lbs. and have
stabilized at my old weight of 148 lbs.
     I didn't have much body fat to give to begin with, so it was good that my
caloric intake seemed to be about even with my body's need.  I did eat high
calorie foods while in town, partly because they were different and better
tasting foods than my trail menu.  I did have a strong appetite when I got off
the trail, but it diminished back to my normal in a couple of weeks.

Jonathan "Ghost Man" Breen
Mex -> Can Straight in "98
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