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RE: [pct-l] Jacket, stove, maps, pants...

>1.  I'm interested in opinions about getting a good gortex jacket vs. 
>using a
>wind/water repellent shell jacket with "polartec" fleece under (or other
>layers as needed).  (I'm leaning toward the shell - based on weight, 
>cost, and
>somebody's equip. list and explanation I saw online somewhere)

As far as weight and cost go, Patagonia makes a goretex (actually, it's
patagonia's version of goretex, but it's still pretty good) shell that
weighs only 14 oz. Most goretex shells weigh half a pound to a pound more,
so that's a pretty good weight. Of course it doesn't have amenities like
pit-zips, but the weight is great. A shell that's only water repellent would
probably save you a couple ounces, but if you're out in extended and/or
heavy rain it just isn't going to keep you dry. Pricewise, Patagonia is
usually very expensive, but I found this jacket at one of their outlet
stores for about $130, which is less than most other goretex jackets.
There's usually nothing wrong with the stuff at their outlet stores - they
just change the colors every season, so the outlets have last years colors.
I got mine from the outlet in Dillon (406-683-2580), but if they don't have
any try one of the other outlets on this page:
You can call them and get them to ship the jacket to you. Oh yeah, I almost
forgot the name of the jacket. I think it's called the Storm Cycle jacket.

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