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[pct-l] Sleeping Quilt

About two weeks ago a question was posted to the list about the zipper in
the Jardine- designed sleeping quilt as described in the PCT Hiker's

We just got back from a trip to the Sipsey Wilderness area in Alabama
where we tested our newly-made sleeping quilt.  We figured the zipper
function was to create a pocket for your feet.  We did this on our quilt
without a zipper by using a smaller piece of nylon under the foot section
and gathering the quilt to form a permanent foot pocket.

Our quilt is made from 1.1 ounce ripstop nylon and three layers of .8
inch  Lite-Loft.  It weighs 2 3/4 pounds (for two people).  After using
it for 5 nights in varying wind conditions we figure it will keep you
warm down to about 40 degrees under the stars and a little lower in a
tent or under a tarp.

Annie and the Salesman
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