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[pct-l] Thru-hiking Food: Love & Hate List

Potential thru-hikers listen carefully:


This was the biggest of my many, many food supply faux pas.

There are lots of hiking food that I tired of after a month or two that I
can't eat to this day, 14 years later. I'm sure most thru hikers had
similar food hatred occurrences. It's especially critical if you are
packing all your supply boxes pre-hike for later mailing. Man, I never want
to see another box of mac and cheese in my life. Anyway, for future
thru-hikers here's my list of Foods I Grew to Hate and Foods I Never Got
Enough Of


mac & cheese - liked'em for the first 2 months, then only ate in dire
dried apricots - ditto
canned hams - whatta mistake. Heavy and salty. Usually ate in town or gave
soup - liked at first again. After a few months we threw'em all away.
dried figs - liked'em for the first 3 days. 


almonds - salted and plain mixed together. Bon appetit!
oatmeal - flavored with different stuff like berries, raisins or spices
mashed potatoes and canned chicken - this was our premier meal of any
section. 6 oz can of chicken and lots of instant mashed potatoes. Shoulda
packed 4 times more.
minute rice and canned shrimp and soy sauce - another all time favorite.
Almost as good as a stir fry.
candy - loved Snickers, M&Ms ad infinitum.
blackberries and huckleberries - great source of fresh fruit in northern CA
and OR

Lots of foods lie somewhere between the two categories including raisins,
spaghetti, Lipton noodles.

Do any other thru-hikers have similar lists?

Your helpful servant,


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