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[pct-l] Altitude Shmaltitude

There really isn't a place high enough in the US (not including Alaska)
to worry much about cooking on the food you bring. Of much greater
concern is watching for signs of altitude sickness and weather
conditions. Also, digestive efficiency drops dramatically at altitude,
so hikers live off their reserves quite a bit anyway. There's even a
name for what happens: high altitude flatulent emissions (HAFE). Eat
more chocolate and peanut butter.
	In Nepal, they grow rice at 14000 feet and there are monkeys swinging
from the rhododendrons. I remember cooking Dal Bhaat over a little
kerosene stove at 18000 feet without much fuss. Since our country is
relatively flat (and with those alternate directions on the Bisquick
box) we worry about altitude a lot. 

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