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Re: [pct-l] Boiling Time

> Some high-altitude expeditions carry a pressure cooker to deal with
> the problem of low boiling temperatures.
> I can see the possibility here. . . . an aluminum bear canister that
> is also a pressure cooker.

This is a great idea for areas that you need both a bear canister or pressure
cooker.    Brooks, you might be able to make some dough with that idea.
However, I recently hike the highest part of the PCT (the Sierra) and didn't
need either.  I even cooked oatmeal one morning above 10,000ft with no
problems.  I don't know for sure, but I don't think that the altitude on the
PCT ever gets high enough to worry about boiling temps.  In fact, now that I
have racked my brain long enough, I remember that we cooked Mac&Cheese on the
pinnacle of Mt. Whitney(14,496) with no problems at all.  I don't know what
would happen if you needed to cook other stuff up that hight, but there were 8
other people that spent the night on top of Whitney with us and they all cooked
food and none of them commented about low boiling temps or anything like that.
Hope this helps.

Dude in TX

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