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[pct-l] Section O Volunteer Worktrips

Anyone familiar with the blowdown and brush, both supposedly quite
extensive, in the infamous Section 0 on the Shasta Trinity National
Forest in N. CA?  If so, perhaps you'd like to assist in clearing it
up?  And if you've never been there before, what a better way to get a
good look at it while leisurely clearing trees, removing brush and
cleaning drainages.  Plus you'll feel so good once it's all done!

PCTA staff and our NO. CA Regional Coordinator, Priscilla Johnson, are
working with a number of PCTA members, through hikers, equestrians and
Forest staff to organize a variety of work trips this coming summer.
Don't miss out on these fun weekend, and 5, 7 or 10 day projects.  Ample
food will be provided, along with a chance to work up a good sweat, have
some fun, enjoy the outdoors and engage in some challenging and
rewarding work.  No experience is needed....training and tools will be

Keep your eyes on future issues of the Communicator and our website.  Or
you can contact me via <trails@pcta.org>.

Lastly, if you have any good pictures of the blowdown and brush in
Section O, I'd like to get copies.

Happy trails,

Reuben Rajala
Director of Trail Operations
5325 Elkhorn Blvd., #256
Sacramento, CA 95842-2526

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