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Re: [pct-l] Starting Dates

Starting dates have changed from 20 years ago, backpacking
gear has improved and become much lighter, even if you carry 
a camera they gotten much smaller and lighter. So I think most 
people starting the pacific crest trail in the last few years carry 
less weight and may hike on average more miles per day, 2 or 3
more miles a day can shorten your hike from 5 months to just
over 4 months. Another reason is the trail itself, in 1977 when we
hiked the pct there were many sections of the trail not finished.
I remember doing lots of cross-country were there was no trail, 
and also remember after we finished the pct in calif. my guide 
book was in pieces from tearing out the pages with maps, so I
could carry the maps in my pocket for quick reference. I think 
these are some of the reasons why now hikers can start the
pct later.

Jeff Zimmerman 

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