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[pct-l] maintaining a '99 roster

Charlie and all on the list,
> I thought I saw multiple hikers signing on with the same numbered position
> the list. What we really need here is a website where hikers could
> for the Class of '99 thereby creating a single list.
> Do we have a volunteer willing to create and host such a site?

I have an existing site that has a PCT page that's still under
construction. Despite the construction it is up and running, and I'd be
glad to be the keeper of the '99 roster. Unless I hear any objections
over the next couple of days, I'll consider myself hired and put up the
roster that I have at the moment. I'll put the page on the list at that
time. Any comments, objections, or advice is welcome.

Margo Chisholm
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"It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are."
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