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Re: [pct-l] manjovin

William M. Stenzel wrote: 

>For those interested in a challenge: Theres a 50 mile run in February
>that covers the first section of the trail near Campo. I'll be there! I
>think it's called the Bootlegger Trail Run or something.

The run is the "Smuggler's Trail 50 Mile." I don't remember the exact date,
but last year it was on Feb 15 in a driving storm. 

The road from Campo to the border was washed out so they had to start in
"town." A group of illegals heading north was suffering from hypothermia in
the storm, and came into one of the aid stations for help. They were VERY
happy to climb into the warm, dry border patrol van that came to get them
(one of the volunteers was "la migra" and radioed in the contact). Hence
the name "Smuggler's." 

The finishers got a very nice Coyote trophy 
---the illegals are called Pollos (Chickens) and the Smuggler's are called

The course goes from the border to a little north of Lake Morena then back
again. A nice jaunt for propsective PCT hikers. If you can run a race like
this, then your training is adequate for your upcoming through hike.

For more information you can contact the Race Director:
TJ Key
4437 Manitou Way,
San Diego, CA 92177

See you there Will! 
Let me know if you need a place to stay in SD when you're down here for the

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