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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #624

	I was thinking of making a purchase of the Mountainsmith Mountain
light 5200.  At its weight and size it looks to be a great pack.  However,
it is also very spendy.  
	I had a couple of concerns regarding the pack.  First it does not
have side pockets for easy access to water bottles.  Secondly, the top is
not convertable to a lumbar pack.  These are two key points I am looking
for in a new pack.  However, at its weight and size the Mountainlight
seems to be a winner.  
	If anyone has any experience with these packs I would appreciate
hearing from them.  Or if you know of another pack that matches my
criteria above I would like to hear about it.
	Thanks,		Ryan Hunter	ryhunter@linfield.edu

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