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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #624

HI there, I am new to this list and wanted to add my name to the class of 
'99 as well as see if there is any one in my area that has hiked or will be 
hiking, to look over maps, compare notes etc...  I am feeling a bit 
overwhelmed right now butI am enjoying the planning chaos.  Aside from 
I am fundraising via the hike to support experiential and 
wilderness education- let me know if you are interested in knowing more.  
My name is Charlotte Clews, Im currently in Ithaca, NY, but I'm moving on to 
Northern Vermont/Maine soon.  PLanning to leave late April, and would 
love to start with someone in Campo... trail name (from AT '94) was The 
Birder, but to remove confusion about burgers and boogers, it is now 
Birdgirl. Weathercarrot: Kaya says to give you her best! (best what 
I'm not sure) Thanks.
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