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[pct-l] footwear

     On the subject of foot wear:  Consider ALL of your options. I wore
Teva Terradactyls every step of the way on my 1997 thru hike of the PCT and
was very pleased with their performance.  I taped my arches for the first
six weeks of the hike to give my feet some extra support, then walked on
without the tape the remaining 14 weeks.  The only minor problem I had was
with the plastic triangular strap holder digging into the side of my ankle.
Placing a piece of cardboard between my foot and the plastic solved that
irritation. I also wore through socks at an alarming rate (1 pair a week
for thin wool blend socks).  It wasn't until I reached Oregon that someone
suggested I turn the socks over (heel up) when they wear through in order
to extend their life another week. This looked a little strange but worked
     In the snow, traction was adequate, and I always had my ice axe in
hand. I also left Campo late enough (May 3) that I wasn't the first through
the snowy passes, and had plenty of footsteps to follow and use.  Early
season, though, I would definitly lean towards using heavier footwear.  My
only regret was leaving my neoprene socks burried in a box back home.  They
would have come in handy in the snow and in the Washington rain.
     The bottom line, of course, is to do what works for you.  I plan to be
on the trail again next year, and have three pair of Tevas set aside for
the hike.


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